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The following chart is to help keep you and others organized. The list is for those who want to do something but are at a lost. Feel free to print either one.


Acts of Kindness
  • Send food to the family home prior to the service or repast

___________________Sandwiches, Chicken, Chili, etc.

  • Call and offer your condolences and assistance

___________________Only offer to help if you can.

  • Send a card with encouraging words.
  • Put stamps in your card

___________________The family will have lots of thank you cards to send out.

  • Offer to bring a dish to the repast
  • Offer to help clean or organize before, during, and/or after the service/repast.
  • Offer to drive the family to an appointment or meeting.
  • Baby-sit
  • Offer to address envelopes
  • Offer to pass out obituaries at the service
  • Offer to be the guest book attendant

___________________Make sure people sign in and their writing is legible.

  • Just embrace them

___________________Sometimes silence is golden.



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